Blossom in the Orchard

Pruning fruit trees is as much about blossom as it is getting a good harvest. Good pruning will give a tree shape, will promote fruiting spurs and give you joy after what has seemed like a long, wet, cold winter. To give you an idea how bad it has been we have yet to get our spuds in the ground, it has been too wet and the slugs too plentiful to even consider giving our potatoes up to martyrdom. That's the problem with gardening, no sowing instructions can predict how the weather is going to pan out each season. Yet, there comes a day, when the sun beats down and the bees are out and you look up, and you see those first buds in the orchard.

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When they break, there is that moment, that silent prayer to the weather gods to hold back on the frost and the wind. To let there be peace in your garden, to let the bees play and weave among the blossom, and for there to be a harvest. It is a moment like no other, you stop, hold your breath and love the fact that even after a dank, damp, dismal winter there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is full of the most glorious blossom.

gardening, life on pig row, blossom


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