The End of the Harvest at Pig Row

In the Pig Row garden and things are inevitably coming to an end. The sun has set by seven in the evening now and even the word, 'evening', seems to be shrinking to a thirty minute slot between the dying warmth of the afternoon and the cold of the night. Leaves are starting to shrink back into bark and the colours of autumn are upon us but so is the last of #harvest16. All growers know that 2016 has been a difficult year, that fluctuating temperatures have hit us hard, sopping summer, blazing spring and autumn has all had a knock on effect but weeks after the traditional harvest in September we are still bring in small to middling crops from the garden, as you can see below. We have a glasshouse to clear here yet and even then we have lettuces to take us through to November under cover.


In the top basin we have the last of our tomatoes, custards, courgettes (zucchini to our American friends), chillies and the first of our basil (see bad summer, silly spring). In the middle sieve we have blackberries and wineberries, though wineberries never give a massive crop in our garden, they are a welcome crop. In the final basin are some more courgettes, a table dainty marrow picked by accident and blueberries. Blueberries have been a fantastic crop this year and we have had pounds of them from two bushes.

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The tomatoes and basil beckon though, and with it we make the first and probably last bruschetta of the season. Some harvests are worth waiting for. Some photos remind you of summer. Here's to 2017 in both our gardens, here and Hopwood.


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