The Last Harvest at Pig Row

Don't panic. This is not Monday morning blues. We are not chucking the towel in. It's simply come to the end of the year and the last of the garden is giving up it's bounty and the late summer, warm early autumn has given us a wonderful bounty beneath brooding skies.

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The clouds are rolling in and weighing down on our shoulders but the crops say it all, from the glasshouse come the last of the chillies and tomatoes. From the soft fruit patch we have the last of a bumper crop of blueberries which makes up for our blackberries fruiting and rotting due to the fluctuating weather and the dampness that has pervaded us for days before the return of blazing sun. Then there are the apples, now stored in the shed and these are ready for being processed, that's for another day and we'll take you through that step by step to give you a taste of summer in winter.


Then there are beans and as we make room in the larder and the freezer we find this year's spring cabbage, we assumed we ate it all and we celebrate this find by having a great Sunday lunch with all our own vegetables, including those blighted potatoes that we have nearly all eaten.


The carrots are a welcome addition from the Hopwood Garden but the taste is all ours, all homegrown, home cooked and eaten at home. You can't beat growing and here's to a new season and less Monday blues. Next year will be a bumper year, we have 70 and a 1/4 acres to hand, the plans, the plans!


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