Planting Daffodils

The seasons turn and some tasks repeat themselves from mulching to weeding, but there is one task that brings pleasure year in, year out. We have been adding to our daffodil beds for years, they run through our orchard, into the paradise garden and down into the cottage garden but it is safe to say we have run out of space. Our eye turns to the herb garden and beyond.

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There's a verge outside our house it runs for some miles and we have plans to plant some of it running up to and across the old toll road junction. We told our local councillor this and she liked our idea so much she gave us money. She agreed that verges nowadays are ignored, then Nick from Habitat Aid donated some yellow rattle to keep down the grass; he's all about getting communities to take over areas and embrace wildlife. We have long term plans for these verges, including daisies and promoting the natural plants that creep in here, there's Herb Robert, signs of wild garlic, smatterings of field geranium and purple vetch, and the yellow rattle will knock back the grass. Today though we want to add that dash of spring yellow, those wonderful daffodils.


We're planting a mix of bulbs to spill from gardens into the verges, we're planting Tamara today, a lightly scented daffodil. All we need to do this is a border spade, some wiggling, jiggling and moving of stone that has fallen onto the verges from the dry stone walling and been buried under decades of thatch. Hundreds of bulbs are going in and next weekend we'll be joined by others to reclaim our verges.


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