How to Make Organic Weedkiller

There are some jobs that are fiddly and very time consuming. One of them is clearing weeds out of cracks in our paths. You have to clear weeds out or else they rot down, promote moss and other slippery problems. Doing it by hand is nice and relaxing but a bugger on your knees but neither of us want to reach for that off the shelf weedkiller because it kills bees, and our garden is awash with them this year so we're trying our hand at making weedkiller based on vinegar. 

How to make organic weedkiller from the products in your kitchen

Andrew takes you through it, step by step in the film below, including homemade funnels, spilt salt and some interesting facts, and the cost to make this weedkiller? A mere 49p for 1000ml; that will last the summer.


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