The Bookcases Are Going In

We're on the home stretch with the kitchen, the bookcases are going in. You see when we brought Pig Row, the kitchen was three rooms and this part of the house was a corridor that ran from a dark, damp and evil smelling coal hole beneath the stairs to the back door. We knocked those three rooms together but still had a space under the stairs that didn't do anything, we even took the door off because it seemed rather pointless to have a door that went nowhere. Over the years we discussed it being a larder but we built this at the other end of the kitchen, and it seemed rather a slog to walk twenty-two feet from where you were cooking to get some dried herbs. Carol has a lot of cook books, we always knew that some of them would be in the kitchen but as we looked at this space under the stairs and a plan for a small book nook emerged. At our old house, Drovers, we had three floors and along the corridors we had floor to ceiling bookcases but the problem was that you couldn't just dwell in these corridors, they didn't scream out for you to sit upon the stairs and read a book or two. They weren't comforting.

the bookcases are going in

Thus was born the idea of the kitchen book nook, which was completed last week and is now waiting to be painted and the books to come down out of our bedroom where they have made attractive but wobbly bedside tables, dining tables and behemoth council chamber tables -- told you, Carol has a lot of cook books.

Interesting ways to use under the stairs

Yet no self respecting book nook can be called so without a place to sit, you need that comfort. Even though the kitchen book nook is open to the rest of the room, you can't actually see it from the kitchen doorway, the oven or the sink and the other day Little D came into the bedroom where I was lying down to tell me that, Mummy has gone. He grabbed my hand, somewhat perplexed, and took me from room to room, Not in the bathroom, not in the bedroom, not in the hall, not in the front room, not in the kitchen. Oh, but dear Little D she was. The clues were there to be seen, the missing chair from the front room replaced with another winged chair that has been passed around in my family since the 1960s and which we wondered whether to keep because we couldn't find a home for it -- it now has a home in the front room, so where was that old chair from the front room?

Creating a kitchen book nook

Yes, in the kitchen book nook with Carol, leafing through a cook book. Well, Little D was relieved and an hour later he went missing with a Minecraft book and was discover with a drink, a bag of crisps and his book in the nook. So, if you have an under stairs space doing nothing, then consider it as more than storage, making it a useful space. For our dark, damp, evil smelling coal hole has really changed, as you can see in the final photo. Sometimes you need to think yourself out of the box and into the nook.

Before and after for creating a new space


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