About Pig Row

High on the Saddleworth hills, the Oldham family (Andrew, Carol and Little D) have created an inspiring kitchen garden which provides a wealth of rich flavours for the kitchen and larder. Their make do and mend attitude was born out of three years of recreating a Dig For Victory garden on their 1/4 acre plot. Their journey towards self-sufficiency and voluntary simplicity has featured in Sainsbury's Magazine, My Mail Garden, The Guardian, Saddleworth Independent, Landscape Magazine, Northern Soul and The Cottage Gardener. Andrew has been an Ask the Expert for Grow Your Own and they write a regular column for Saddleworth Independent. In 2015, they were awarded the Notcutts Self-Sufficiency Blog of the year. Their blog follows their ups and downs throughout the year. 

copyright Alun Callender, 2014

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Life on Pig Row is written by Carol and Andrew Oldham. The couple also write the award winning Dormouse and the Teapot (Winner of Vintage Blog 2012). 

The photo above originally appeared in Sainsbury's Magazine, September 2014 and is reproduced here courtesy of the photographer, Alun Callender.

Life on Pig Row is part of Andrew Oldham Publishing.