Work with us

Life on Pig Row are always happy to hear of interesting gardening projects we can be part of. We have in the past worked with a range of partners in horticulture and publishing, listed below, and the wider lifestyle community. We are always happy to work with you or cover what you are doing in the North, or further afield. We are gardeners, bakers of bread, cookers and preservers of old fashioned recipes, we jam, we pickle, we live with the seasons. We have run a Wartime Garden (featured in The Guardian and Sainsbury's Magazine), given talks at festivals and events on our garden, been included in papers on the revolution of gardening in 'Nostalgic Re-visionings: Digging as heritage in Wartime Spirit’ (P, Rivlin. Paper presented at MeCCSA conference, Bournemouth University, January 9, 2014). Pig Row extends into social media, with a thriving community across all social media platforms, bringing to thousands the simple ethos that anyone can garden, anyone can bake, cook and preserve. We are self-sufficientish people teaching others that in gardening things go wrong, things go right, we are all learning. 

Carol and Andrew at Life on Pig Row has worked with some of the world's biggest brands and organisations in gardening. If you'd like to find out more about being featured on our pages, or about Carol and Andrew's freelance blogging and writing, please get in touch.

Andrew is a member of the Garden Media Guild.

Life on Pig Row has worked in the past with such organisations as:
Sarah Raven
Stewart's Garden
King's Seed
BBC Gardeners' World Live
RHS Tatton Flower Show
Thomas Etty
Seeds of Italy 
Harrogate Flower Show
Habitat Aid
RV Roger
Cottage Garden Society
The Guardian
The Daily Mail
Sainsbury's Magazine
Quarry Bank Mill
National Railway Museum
The Walled Nursery
Northern Soul
Saddleworth Independent
Fleetneedles' Forage