Self Sufficientish

A reader of our blog emailed us to tell us that we are the modern day Tom and Barbara Good of The Good Life (70s BBC Sitcom). Though my wife does look good in dungarees and glasses, and I am passable in a thick knit jumper, I don't think either one of us are the Goods.
Though I grew up watching this sitcom, and I suspect it instilled the desire to grow produce in me, Pig Row has never been an exercise in self sufficiency. We are self sufficient-ish, that is we have enough space to produce a large amount of what we eat but we do not have the acreage to be absolutely self sufficient. I suspect that we are like the Goods, as in the real world they never had enough space to grow enough food for all the year round. I don't think anyone can be truly self sufficient, the desire to be in communities is too strong, regardless of what we grow, how much we have, we will always barter. Some courgettes for eggs. A few tomatoes for a cauliflower. A sack of potatoes for some dungarees.


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