Cracking Fireplace

Here on Pig Row, the engineers from have been taking out our seventies inspired fireplace and breaking it open ready for our Burley Brampton Stove. This has been a whole day job as the fireplace has been knocked around since the 1950s.
It is a mish mash of stone and brick, there are holes where the old range sat, a rusting back boiler the size of a car battery and enough soot to cover us faster than the disaster at Pompeii. I heard one of the guys clearing out the bottom of the fireplace exclaim, 'What the hell is that?' which was met by one of the plumbers doing the central heating system replying, 'Is it bones?' Thankfully it wasn't and whatever it was vanished into the bulk scrap bag. I was treated to a story about the preserved twenty four starlings found in one fireplace and the story of a plastic bubble that I didn't get. I am not the most technical guy in the world. All I know is that though the world outside tonight is blowing a gale and in our front room for the first time in weeks we have warmth. The fire has yet to be fitted and our crumbling fireplace rebuilt, pointed, sealed (as you can see on the photo), new liner, new pot on our roof. 


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