New Winter, New Heating System

This week will see Pig Row become chaotic, the last week has just been the prelude to madness. My wife and I have been stacking chairs, pushing wardrobes, moving china from my wife's business and all this has been done under the nose of Little D. Little D directs well from his pen, his cot and high chair, he has a great line in laughs normally proceeding a stubbed toe or bashed thumb.
The good thing about having a toddler on site is that the desire to swear when a sofa rolls over your toes is cut dead just in case he picks up the swear word. There was a close shave a few weeks ago when we thought he was running round the room cooing 'shit, shit, shit'. There were accusing looks from my wife but thankfully these melted away when we discovered that Little D was learning the word 'shoes'. Deep sigh of relief. I do try and avoid swearing nowadays but with the coming week and the upheaval of floorboards, I know I will have to bite my tongue. All I have to do is keep in mind that the mess, the dust, and the stubbing of toes is all worth it if we are warm this winter. At Pig Row, we have no choice but to go solid fuel and we will become the proud owner of a Broseley Thermo Suprema (pictured) Stay tuned, keep warm and wait for more on these pages.

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