Christmas plans are a foot

Christmas is creeping up fast, and as the wind howls outside and all around Pig Row we are cuddled up in the warmth dreaming of brighter days.

Buoyed by the heat of the Burley stove we weave festive dreams and plan the presents we will give our loved ones and discuss what will be on Little D's list this year. We both agree food is bound to feature somewhere. In particular large quantities of fruits such as a clementines and grapes (which he adores). We debate if he is old enough for a selection box and decide that a small amount would be best. We vow to ask Santa for a chocolate coin or two on D's behalf rather than Cadbury's back catalogue, though at the tender age of 21 months he prefers dark chocolate from Artisan Du Chocolat anyway (always mummy's boy).

One of the main topics of discussion is Christmas traditions, as a new family we want to introduce some of our own. Perhaps Little D could be allowed to select a new bauble each year to add to the tree making a visual record of years gone by. How about a special evening ritual on Christmas eve like we enjoyed as children, putting out a carrot for Rudolph, and mince pie and sherry for Santa. Does Santa drink sherry and still drive his sleigh these days? More's to the point how on earth will he get down the chimney this year with the new stove at the bottom?

Andrew is thinking he will need to select a Yule log soon though we no longer have an open hearth we will still be following this lovely old tradition and I plan to start my own ritual with a Christmas Eve hamper full of goodies including Snow Man Soup and new Pj's perhaps.

What plans are you making for Christmas?


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