The Arrival of the Orchard

Last week on Pig Row our orchard arrived from Habitat Aid from the independent nursery R V Roger. I can't wait to plant the trees and they are presently heeled in on the vegetable plot. They have been put to the bottom of the list of TO DO things.
I hope this Sunday to get out and get them in their final place, the holes have been dug, the compost added but the plot looks like giant moles came in and then left before anyone noticed they where having a really good time. I keep thinking that I will go up there to find someone has left a sign saying, 'This is what mucky moles do after dark'. Thankfully, not even our neighbours are that bored. I must admit that as I write this I am watching the weather broadcast and hoping for good weather this Sunday. Though my wife has just pointed out that our local church is having a Christmas Fayre this Sunday. This is the problem with rural life, they never consider that gardeners continue to plant throughout the year. Maybe I can get out before the mince pies, sing songs and the Vicar who nods at me and my muddy wellies. 


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