Solid Fuel - Does it work?

On Pig Row, our heating is now finished. It has been an uphill struggle as there are far and few engineers qualified to fit our system.
In our area and the surrounding county there are a mere two men who can do the job. When we sought quotes, one of them never turned up and we have now guessed why. The oven alone weighed a whopping forty five stone and took six men to bounce through our lounge. The oven itself has come with three manuals and all three disagree with each other. There has been a problem between the original Italian text and the English translation. It has been three weeks of hell, at one point we questioned the viability of carbon neutral heating systems. These are heating systems run on wood or wood pellets, they come from renewable sources and are supposedly more efficient than gas. In week two we wanted gas, we wanted to see the bloody thing ripped out and sold for scrap but when you have a forty five stone leviathan in your kitchen you go with the flow. You can't really ask for something like that to be taken away. Once it's in, it's in. That is what the heating engineer said to us. The other two heating engineers said why didn't we have gas and after this I wonder too. It is not about the fact that the technology is poor, or the heat is terrible or the costs high (with the right wood, the costs are lower than gas). It is more about the fact that many plumbers, companies and organisations who are supposedly there to promote, aid and sell solid fuel systems know little about them in operation. It seems to be more about jumping on the wagon rather than finding out whether the wagon works. We're fortunate, it seems our oven works and with time we will forget the irate heating engineers, the angry exchanges and the phone calls to manufacturers who merely shrugged at the end of the line and said, "It's not our fault, we only make it". Funnily enough that wouldn't cut it in any other industry.

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