Broseley Thermo Suprema Pressure Problems

The mystery of the Broseley Thermo Suprema continues after our problems earlier in the month, you can read more on them here, we have not touched the cooker as we wait to see whether the pressure climbs again.

Though we plan to follow the tips that Broseley provided us, you can read them here, we are concerned that the pressure has now risen from half a bar to more or less back to where it started (see photo). This seems a total mystery to us as the feeder loop is closed and we have no idea why it is doing this. Maybe Broseley can help us, they have been very helpful so far. Will let you all know if Broseley have any ideas (a few of you have emailed me, many of you thinking of buying a Thermo Suprema and I know that you are waiting on what happens next). If any of you own a Thermo Suprema and have experienced similar problems, do email us at

A qualified engineer recommended by Broseley eventually identified problems with the pump and lack of sealant in the system. SCWS need water tight pipes unlike an unvented system. The system has run well since then.

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