Sharing Bread

I want to share some of the bread and sweetbreads that my wife has cooked over the last two years at Pig Row in our rustic kitchen (circa 1950)
through the stripping out of our lead pipes (we felt better after they went), the laying down of the new kitchen floor, the chipping away of centuries of flaking, failing lime plaster and through it all, Carol has baked some beautiful bread. Bread is taken for granted but I never take my wife's bread for granted. I promise in 2012 that I will complete her kitchen to the best of my ability if only to get more of this glorious bread.

A wonky french platted poppy seeded loaf that was delicious.

A fruit loaf that is always gratefully received and eaten by Little D.

What more can be said? Bread. Real bread cooked with love and skill by my wife. New kitchen coming, love, I promise it will all be sorted. 


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