Saddleworth Champions

We got sent the following link from The Guardian, it is a Tom Dyckhoff piece on Saddleworth, the place where Pig Row sits. To some extent it captures the area but misses some of the more beautiful areas in Saddleworth, I wish also that the Moors Murders wasn't always the focus when this area is mentioned.
Evil happens in many places and often those places are beautiful and though we mustn't forget that evil, we mustn't taint that area because of that evil. Saddleworth is our home, from the deep valleys to the roads that cling to the hillside that churn through the valleys. Pig Row itself clings to a hillside and its not perfect, we are exposed, we have the remains of a landfill behind our house -- still being filled in and the smells are often horrendous but getting better year on year (the barrage of blow flies we had in the first year has slowly waned), when it snows we are snowed in but if Dyckhoff visited us, he would be welcome, and we're not rich. We are just trying to live a better life, not just for ourselves but for Little D, the community around us and by extension the world. We want to lower our carbon footprint. We want to generate our own food, heat and power. That takes time. There are many people on these hills doing the same. Let's celebrate the positiveness of people doing it for themselves in Saddleworth like Hazel Nut Bakery in Delph, The Vintage Cupcake Kitchen in Uppermill, to the long established Buckleys in the same village (now over a hundred years old and still as busy on weekdays), there's the growing enterprise Albion Farm Shop (which last time I was there did an excellent breakfast and looked like they too were planting an orchard, just like we are now doing on Pig Row...more news on that soon) to finally the butcher who supplies all our meat Paul's Quality Meats in Uppermill, who stocks and sells local beef, and now provides a home delivery service (TEL: 01457 871011). In our own way, Pig Row is joining these local businesses to turn back our high street to the heart of the community. At Pig Row we believe in buying local and if we had more space, more hands, we'd open a kitchen garden to sell to the public. At the moment we just barter but there is time and there are people who desperately want to know not just where the food is grown but who grows it. At least on Pig Row, we have better photos of Saddleworth than Tom Dyckhoff.

If you have people and organisations you want us to mention, email us today or just mention them in any comments below. Come on people of Saddleworth let's shop local and celebrate it.


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