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Those of you that read Pig Row regularly will know that I am a keen cook, I don't think I am master chef quality or anything like that but I am good enough to get by and I haven't killed anyone... yet.

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I have always cooked instinctively and as such many of our family favourities are not included in the many cookery books I have.  Cookery books, are my greatest vice.  Erm, lets just say I have more than four.. I use them for inspiration really as a jumping off point when I have done my nightly scout of the kitchen and the garden to see what is on the menu.

One of the first things I started to do when Little D was born was start to write a cookery book for him.  Basically so he would always have a record of the food we eat and love and when the time comes he can recreate it for himself.  It's far from finished as I have been adding family stories and memories and have invented a few more favourites recently so I think it is going to be an ongoing work for a while yet.

It was going to be a printed book but I  find myself moving away from this as it grows. There is something about a handwritten recipe or recipe book that I think is really special and I often find myself nosing through an amazing blog called http://www.handwrittenrecipes.com/ which shares recipes found in all kinds of books.  I also scout carboot sales and Ebay for personal cookery books which may have come up for sale.  What I don't understand and find really sad is how people could bear to part with something so unique, perhaps the person left no family or the cook book was being inadvertently sold.  I hate to think that it was due to no one caring. On the other hand I have known families at war over great grannies recipes. In the end the things that are most precious when someone passes are rarely diamonds and gold.

It is for these reasons that I continue to write. I am hoping to serialise one or two sections of the book here on Pig Row over the coming months.  What about you? Do you have a family cookbook or are you planning to write one?  Why not share it with us.


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