Finished Kitchen Floor

It's taken five months of digging, getting the floor level, mixing concrete, tanking parts of the floor and wall before even laying the first tiles. At Christmas, I had reached just beyond the kitchen door and this month I finished the final few yards of the slate floor.

Today, I sealed the floor, and Carol and I put some of the furniture back in place. It's not finished yet, a new door has to be fitted under the stairs to hide the water tank, all the walls have to be stripped back though we are keeping the furthest one as a feature. I have to fit a new back door, rebuild the back door step, install new kitchen cabinets and I won't even go on about the disaster that is behind me as I took this photo. Suffice to say it will take a lot of chipping away and I will be snorting lime out of my system for weeks. Then there is the rewire. The kitchen is a long way from being finished but looking back at the original kitchen (below) it has come a long way from three separate rooms with a damp floor and crumbling walls. It makes me smile that I have saved at least one room at Pig Row.


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