Problems with the Broseley Continued

As many of you know who follow this blog we have had problem with the Broseley Thermo Suprema for three months. Thankfully, Broseley have now stepped in and will be visiting us on Tuesday this week.

We hope that our heating will be sorted soon. For those of you who are new to this saga, everytime we have lit the solid fuel Broseley Thermo Suprema oven we have lost pressure on the central heating side, see the images in sequence taken over a few days. The pressure then rebuilds over six days, and now, in a bizarre twist has decided to drop down again after an attack of 'brownish' water leaving the bottom of the oven. Hopefully, Broseley can cast a light on this, solve our problem and give us heat and cooking again.

We learnt in the end that the brownish water was from the flue as one the clamps had worked loose. The oven problems where rectified after a sealant was put into the system by a qualified solid fuel heating engineer. 

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