Snowed Under

Really the title should be 'snow under foot that melts then refreezes, then turns to slush, turns to ice and makes it impossible to get up the hill behind our house'.

That is the world I find myself in, halfway up the hill, holding a saw horse, balancing a trug of tools (the final removal of the work tools from doing the kitchen floor) and wondering whether to try and plod on or turn back. The first trip with the wood ash bucket wasn't so bad, the snow was still crisp, yielding, able to take my weight and push me onto the orchard where I emptied the ash around the base of eight waiting fruit trees. Silent in the landscape are these trees but not sulking, unlike me doing the splits. The saw horse prevents me from the worst of moments a man can experience and I don't quite reach an octave higher when one leg goes north and the other flies south. I am optimistic that I will live through this assault on our frozen garden. I am optimistic because I think Broseley may have actually identified what has gone wrong with our system. We are suffering from micro leaks, I have an affinity for this feeling as my legs split and my bladder contracts in fear. However, these micro leaks have over time lowered the pressure on our heating side and now it is up to the heating engineer company to put in new fittings to stop this. I hope they will do it, Broseley are supremely confident that they will, I am just optimistic. After nearly four months of this, I cannot be blamed for being just optimistic but we have been here before and I would rather be in the place where my house is warm, and I'm in it rather than doing the splits on ice, on a hillside. 

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