Cars come and go

Today we drove over to pick up our car from a dealership near Sheffield. As we crossed the top of the hills in our reliable sports car, I was a little sad that they wonderful car that we called Newt was being sold on.

It has been with me for many years, saved me countless of times and has been a pleasure with its top down and top up. The lie that in England convertibles are pointless due to the lack of sun has never been played out in Newt. Before Little D we would constantly have the top down to face breathtaking spring days, balmy summer evenings and vibrant autumn landscapes. Yet, with a baby on board, it is not a good idea to do this, the wishing wind may take our breath away but Little D would have been blown away crossing the tops today if we'd had the top down. Such was the sleet and the approaching snow. My wife and I were fearful whether we would make it over but Newt got us there and as we parted ways I patted her goodbye. Silly how we give our cars names and personalities but there is life in everything. Anyone who has driven a car will tell you that they are distinctive. Now, outside Pig Row we have a 4x4, it is spacious but yet to be named. It too got us back home through the snow, as others skidded, this little donkey just kept ploughing on as I got use to its steering, to its ways and brays. I'll miss Newt but Little D has found a new pleasure in life, he can now actually see out of the car window something that up to now has been denied to him as we have driven through the lanes and hills of our home. Plus, on our way home we found out that the boot fitted a water butt, shopping and several loaves with space to spare. I feel a bout of wood gathering coming.


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