The end is nigh, again

They say problems come in threes, at Pig Row we have had this to the power of three. This is all I remember from algebra taught at school. I was never a maths kid.

Today, we discover that a rumbling wheel on our new Land Rover Freelander was a sign of VCU failure. This is the little gadget that sends the power to the wheels and if it doesn't work properly it will rip your gear box and crank shaft to pieces. Sickened isn't in it, so I have been onto Cloverleaf Cars where we bought it and they are going to sort it out. I have to phone tomorrow as I play host to the heating engineer coming to fix our failed SCWS Broseley system, sealant goes into tomorrow and the micro leaks should be a thing of the past. We will eventually have heat for next winter. A matter of better late than never. So, hopefully this will mean we have heat but we hope that Cloverleaf will say they can fix it under the warranty or we will be a grand down. That's right, £1000 to fix it and the best bit, I can't drive it to the place I bought it or it could go into melt down. It all seems over the top but I don't want to chance driving to Sheffield at 60mph and watching my gear box scatter in my rear view mirror. Bugger. It all hinges on that phone call now, let's see what they can do and how fast.

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