The end is nigh

I am sure you have noticed things have been a little quiet recently in the kitchen.  

Following our Broseley saga I *shock- horror* felt a bit estranged from the very heart of Pig Row, finding myself scurrying in and out to make basic meals, on route to trips to the garden, or to catch Little D on his mission to steal the milk money box.  It has certainly not been somewhere I have wanted to hang around for any space of time.

This has made me rather sad, I cannot remember when I last baked a loaf, or whipped up a cake or tested out a new creation for my recipe book. I like to sit in the kitchen and just... dream really, read a recipe book, drink a pot of tea all to myself, arrange my cookie cutters in order of prettiness (oh... come on! I know I am not the only person who does this). 

But at last the end is nigh.

Tomorrow the heating engineers cometh.  Ok we've been here before but this time I am hopeful, truly hopeful that the sealant they are putting in the system will bring with it the start of our wood oven lifestyle.  We have had a bit of a tidy up and found somewhere to store our food which helps a lot and there has been talk about having the table back in the kitchen by the weekend.

We've a long way to go but I think at last we are making progress. Spring has sprung!

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