A Picture Tells A Thousand Stories

As Little D took his afternoon nap and Carol was busy on her laptop I took time out to do some odd jobs around the garden and house.
Spring has truly come and the garden is budding into life again. I took time out to weed the rhubarb patch, my mouth waters at the thought in a few weeks we have our first harvest of rhubarb (I am happy that a crown that seemed to die last year in the gales has come back poking out from a patch of forget me knots). I tamped down the new path, I didn't use a machine for this, my own weight going back and forth from the Utility shed did this as I swore my way through a box of drill bits (we will come to this story later in the post). You will see I have moved the fruit bushes across, I planted them too close to the growing hedge and felt if I didn't do it now I would have a bigger headache later on. I cut back the gooseberries but as I took up the entire root ball of the berries I have not cut these back. So we should have a crop this year. 

Earlier in the week I made a purpose built raised strawberry patch. I used old rotted turf to create the mound and then top dressed with garden compost before covering with weed suppressant. I have planted in between the fruit bushes with lupins, lychnis, a few angelica plants that we sowed at Drovers and which have sat in pots for two years. I am happy with the result but I am really happy that after two years we have a place to hang our coats. 

A hapless attempt with the wrong drill bit punched holes in the plaster, hence my trek back and forth over the new path. I realised my mistake when my neighbour told me that my drill bit was for metal and not stone. Drill bit knowledge is not fore in my mind. After finding the right drill bit in my box of bits the rack went up in less than fifteen minutes. Little D was startled to see coats hung up and applauded before doing a little dance in the hall. The coats are now up and it makes me happy because Pig Row is starting to feel like a home. The simple task of hanging up a coat rather than throwing it over a chair makes all the difference, we are here to stay. 

There are still things to do, more waste wood to burn, beds to weed and the orchard to strim. Here's a few of the photos from the work I did today.


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