Pictorial Meadow Trial - Laying the ground work

Well, the winds have set us back at Pig Row. Carol's shed was blown off its plinth, as you can see below, I managed to push it back on width ways with some help but we'll need more bodies to get it back on the plinth length ways. 

The winds that came a few weeks ago haven't been seen by any of my neighbours before. Our next door neighbour has lived here for three decades and was stunned by the carnage that rolled in from the North East.

We had eight foot snow drifts, a farm up the road from us was evacuated by the Mountain Rescue afraid that the whole building was in danger, people where caught in their cars and Carol's 10 x 12 shed was picked up and dumped down again but not in the Land of Oz. I had to go out in those winds and board up her window, get the snow out of the shed, fasten and batten down the doors securely. This took 30 minutes and it took me 2 hours to feel my fingers again (and they were wrapped up under several gloves). So, you can see why we have hung back with the meadow until now.

I have cleared one the patches that the builders took over when fitting our heating system. The rubble has been cleared and the wood stacked for kindling. Fortunately, I had stacked old turf beneath this rubble some months earlier and this had turned into fine loam. I dug this in with the remnants of sand, chippings and black concrete that accumulated from demolished walls. The bricks where turned into a path, as you can see.

I then sprayed the whole patch with weedkiller and will leave for three weeks, sow at the end of April when all chances of bad weather should have passed. 

We'll let you know how we go on with Sarah Raven's Pictorial Meadow mixes and Seeds of Italy's annual mixes.


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