Shifting Sheds

Yesterday, more high winds came in from the North and East battering us at Pig Row. As a gardener, I want to be out in the winds. I would rather see what damage was happening to my garden rather than imagining it beside a fire. I spent the day going up and down are still exposed site, the hedges we planted a year ago have come back and the hornbeam is looking well. It will get its first trim in late summer but it is of no height or thickness to protect us, neither is the new orchard which has suffered at the hands of the north easterlies. 

Though the damson, greengage and apples have all come into flower the new plums look like they may have turned up their toes. A mix of wind and eight foot snow drifts may have been too much for them over Easter. So, yesterday I battled with the winds and watched Carol's studio slide a little further down the hill. This morning we went out and bought fixing bolts, L brackets, new bolts and latches for her studio and this afternoon in the warm sun I started to fix the studio. We jacked the shed up using the Land Rover jack, placed rollers under it and then brutally forced it back into place with shoulders and swearing. There is nothing like letting a stream of four letter words out at an inanimate object whose only remit in life is to try and make it to the bottom of the hill. After thirty minutes the shed was back on the concrete plinth and I started on the mammoth task of bolting the thing down. Cue three hours of drilling, fitting latches, securing it to the concrete plinth and then tightening up every bolt. We have decided to fit shutters to the windows, so in the worst of the weather we can close them up protecting the remaining glass. I have filled the largely empty studio with stone to give it some weight as the winds are picking up again on Pig Row. 


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