Orchard Blossom

The sun is out at Pig Row, the thermometer is bubbling as the glasshouse windows pops open at 43 degrees and my glasses steam up every time I enter it.
I will have to crack out the shading if these sunny days continue. I have taken the opportunity to get into the orchard to clear the piles that have been dumped there, from weeds to old turf. All of it after one evening has been moved and the lumps thumped down. These lumps once housed the failed pumpkin growing last year. Though this year looks like it would be a good year to grow them. Unfortunately, they're not on our growing list this year. One mound that has grown up beneath a boundary wall reveals a treasure trove of barbed wire, red bricks (more for the paths), stone from collapsed parts of the wall and old farm machinery, most of it broken, rusted and barely identifiable. Around all this is the finest, coolest, crumbliest compost you'd ever want to run your fingers through. It is the remains of the chippings from the brambles and old trees that where cut down to reveal the bare bones of the garden again. Over two years they have rotted down and now will be recycled once more to fill in the holes and soften the mounds in the orchard. Little D will no longer fall down that hole halfway down the orchard after tonight, it has been filled and his mad rush around the orchard won't be interrupted anymore. He will be able to run beneath the dropping orchard blossom.


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