A Wet Afternoon

So, the showers have stopped for five minutes and the sun shines on Pig Row and I am out with my camera. Yesterday, between showers I planted up this perennial bed with some Lucille Swiss Chard weaving though it, kind of an edible knot garden.

Though the weather has been battering everything so I have had to use plant supports, mainly cane and string. Must get some pea sticks!

All this rain is doing wonders for the Sarah Raven trial bed. The Pictorial Meadows, Pastel Annual Mix is romping away after a slow start (due to weather).

The Day Lily is looking worse for wear and the common fennel should be taller than this. There is a case here to break out the comfrey feed.

A wonderful plant called geranium oxonianum f. thurstonianum. Even the petals have been blasted by the rain. I will chop this back next month for a second flush of flowers in later summer.

These are the wonderful bean poles from Wild Service, on the first one is sweet peas and Kelvedon Wonder Peas. I plan to grow my sweet peas next year from autumn onwards rather than a spring sowing.

It has not been a good year for runner beans. These are Painted Lady and they are suffering. I think the idea of a polytunnel may still be on the cards at Pig Row. The hedges are growing in the background but the winds have been so bad this year, along with the snow and rain.

Touch wood, one crop always does well here, potatoes. Here we have some Cara spuds. Great tasting.

We've had no sun, more rain than a Norse God can shake a hammer at and our first strawberries are coming in. I could net them but we have so many that it is impossible and the birds get tangled even in the taut netting. Again, the wind blows them in.

Carol, thinks I am obsessed with this Lupin, that I secretly sneak out the house to photograph her. By doing this I am not exactly doing anything for my defense. Still, that's one lovely lupin.

I wanted it to be dry this afternoon so I could weed all this out.

So, it would look more like this.

Rather than onions just sat there waiting to go in, late.

And courgettes bursting out of the glasshouse to get in the ground.

Still, with all this rain we're getting a hell of a show from the lupins around the garden. 

By the way, this blog is in response to our friend Jenny, who said that she never reads blogs but likes looking at the photos. I hope this pleases her, little text, heavy on image.


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