Flooding in the Villages

Here on Pig Row July comes in with more floods in the valley below our micro holding. The photos below are taken by those in the community facing rising flood waters and you can follow the updates on the Saddleworth News twitter feed. More rain is forecast over night and rivers that have already burst will start to backup into the tributaries. Roads and lanes around us are already flowing with surface water. Our thoughts go out to those people who have already been affected by the floods last month and who tonight have to go through it all again.

The new allotments in our local village have flooded. In a recent column for Saddleworth Independent I raised my concerns that these new allotments appeared to be being built on a flood plain. Sadly, this has been the case and the waters have risen here, flooding new buildings and new crops. This is a truly sad sight for any grower.

Even the fields in the valley are flooding, such a shame. Here on Pig Row we are considering growing more under cover next year as it seems that our summers are slowly drifting away from us, this is the second year that the jet stream has been to the south of the UK. Another year of this and we will have to consider that the jet stream will continue to be placed south of the UK. 


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