Hardening Off

At Pig Row the awful weather has waylaid our best plans. The courgettes that should now be thriving in the vegetable patch have only just started to be hardened off. 

This weather has slowed down all our plans this season. Those plants still under glass are thriving and the lupins in the garden are flopping over with the weight of their growth. These will have to be cut back for a second flush and more staking to stop them toppling over into the gooseberries. The wet weather has brought out the slugs, which are having a field day or should we say, field kitchen, with our strawberries. There is nothing like cutting into a strawberry to find a small slug in their waiting for you to scream.

The pots in the foreground of the photo are part of the 'becauswecare' range from British Plant and Nursery Guide, and the courgettes in these pots are thriving more than those in traditional plastic pots. You can see our review of these pots here.


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