Pig Row Plants

At Pig Row we are working towards purchasing a polytunnel. Another failed early summer has proven to us that we cannot afford to see our crops come to nothing each year.

Under glass the staging is groaning with plants ready to be planted out but the weather seems to be failing more and more. In the last decade, our summers in England have been too wet in the north (where we are) and too dry in the south. In the case of Pig Row even in spring we saw eight foot snow drifts fill our garden and bury our orchard. Force five gales moved Carol's shed down the hill. So, maybe the future of produce growing for us is under cover, our beans, our lettuce won't wither and die in the winds, won't be blasted into the earth by continuous rain. So, to this end we are selling our surplus plants locally and to our surprise they have been flying out of the glasshouse. All the money from these plants sales are going into our polytunnel fund. We have been even asked by some buyers to grow to order in 2013. Can we get a polytunnel out of growing plants in our greenhouse? Is this the start of something new for Pig Row? We like to think so, so here, pictured is a recent order that went out to a happy gardener this evening.


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