Winter Warmers in Summer

Here on Pig Row we have accepted the fact that the summer may not even turn up this year. The dreary cloud cover gives way to grey skies and more rain. We can feel our bellies yearn for food that we normally associate with autumn or winter. Here are a few of our favourite winter warmers for you too if you are devoid of the sun we so sadly need.

Time for fruit wrapped in the warmth of a pie with lashings of ice cream, clotted cream or just pie on its own.

Toad in the hole cooked in the solid fuel oven.

Normally, we start to smoke in the autumn, everything from meat to kippers. This was taken at a show a few years back, we don't smoke on this scale but there is nothing like trying to smoke your own food when the days are grey, cloudy and miserable.

Even a simple omelette can be made something more comforted with the addition of smoked ham and potatoes.

Then if you want to go for the one pot dish, try this wonderful moussaka. If all else fails to keep you warm bring in a supply of fuel, at Pig Row we have tried a number of suppliers and the best we have found is Certainly Wood. There wood is kiln dried and they regularly have offers on over the summer months.

Then if things get too cold on Pig Row, we can always light our wood burner, sit back with a drink and a full, warm belly.


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