An Afternoon in the Orchard in Photos

This is Pig Rows one year old orchard purchased via Habitat Aid and grown by RV Roger in Pickering. Great trees but an afternoon beckoned to get them weed free. The hat may not be a fashion statement but stops me from getting burnt. Yes, summer may just have arrived here, fingers crossed.

Getting that pesky grass out after some half mooning.

Little D looks on, having abandoned his own hat for a tea towel look. No fruit suffered during the taking of these photos by Carol, accept for this nectarine and a plum.

Just quarter of an hour later and the nectarine has been eaten and the patch has been cleared. Just digging over it again to find any weed roots. The chair in the background should never be sat on, it always sinks into the orchard grass and topples anyone off, hence why I have put it firmly by the fence for stability.

Little D free to wander.

Another tree to clear from weeds and grass. Hope these skies stay with us.