In the Glasshouse: Late August 2012

It would be so easy to throw our arms in the air this year and walk away from the garden. It has been an awful year for grow your own and many gardeners have turned their back on it. This is part of the ritual of gardening but we're not giving up and are sowing for autumn and next summer.

We have been sowing Cabbage Frostie F1 (from D.T. Brown), Kale Nero di Toscana (from Mr Fothergills) and Sweetpeas Grandi Fiori (from Seeds of Italy). We've even done a vodcast from our glasshouse recorded on Andrew's mobile phone.

We tried a new method of sowing this month to take into account the low light levels. We used a rough mix of compost in the base of the root trainers and trays. This coarse mix is high in nutrients, exudes warmth and retains water. We then top dressed with a seed compost and sowed into this before sieving the same seed mix over the top. The wet weather and low light levels have not stopped the weeds, the rain has merely stopped us from getting out to weeding. You can see below our over run raspberry bed and utility bed. We are not too concerned about the raspberry bed as we have plans for this area, more on that another time.

In the glasshouse the fluctuation in temperature can be seen in the tomatoes. The rise and fall from hot to cold has meant the leaves have curled in on themselves. It won't effect the crop but it is  unsightly and puts the tomato plant under stress. 

This is also reflected in our sweet peppers, aubergines and brown turkey fig who are in desperate need of real boost of warmth. It is doubtful now that we will get it. The only thing that is flourishing is the courgettes I brought undercover, hit by the rain and wind, these plants are now thriving as are the counterparts sheltered behind the glasshouse on a low stone wall in growbags.

Here is our first vodcast from the glasshouse with Andrew doing all the recording, so blame him.