Pig Row in its First Year: 2010

We recently stumbled over an old external hard drive and found the following images taken back in early 2010 when we took over the garden. This was just a few months after we had chainsaws and burly men on site taking down the mass of growth and weeds that had been here for over four decades.

In the first year we thought we'd try our hands at Russell Lupins again. They had always failed at Drovers and we didn't have high hopes for them at Pig Row but boy were we surprised.

Square foot gardening from Drovers came to Pig Row and this was a bed planted with cosmos and assorted vegetables later in the season. The idea of the frame was to support the cosmos and later the beans. The measurements moved up a scale to two foot square gardening.

One of our favourite peas NE Plus Ultra, a Victorian Pea featured in The Victorian Kitchen Garden. We haven't grown it this year but next year it will be back on the growing plan. It is a pea that never disappoints and caused a stir with my neighbours when it reached a whopping six feet and continued on.

What a difference two years make. This is now the home of a glasshouse and a utility shed. The site is now less exposed with hedges in their second year, you can see the hills in the distance, over these are the counties of Lancashire, Cheshire and Derbyshire. We can see it all from up here but we get all the wind too.

This area has become an orchard and a studio. The hedge trimmed back into shape but when those burly men cleared back the undergrowth we did find this lovely dolly waiting for us and now it is another water butt. You can see the complete album of photos on our Facebook Page.