Ruth Mott Dies

For many television viewers of the 80s, Ruth Mott along with Harry Dodson, were household names.
In the documentaries including The Victorian Kitchen and The Wartime Kitchen and Garden (sadly never released on DVD) Ruth Mott mapped a way of life, a way of cooking that has vanished. Ruth's knowledge of large country estate kitchens was extensive and she acted as the technical advisor on cooking for Altman's Gosford Park. She penned the successful cookery book Ruth Mott's Favourite Recipes: Heart-warming dishes from BBC TV's Victorian Kitchen Cook (again, out of print but available via second hand websites). We have a copy on our shelves here at Pig Row and the wealth of knowledge she shows on these pages is matched by her ability to show the modern cook short cuts to achieve the same effect. You can read an extensive article and obituary on the Horticultural Channel along with news of the memorial service for Ruth in October. She was 95, called a spade a spade and was a damn fine cook. She will be sadly missed.