Saying it with flowers

On a Saturday 6 years ago I married my wife, Carol. It's often hard to think of what you can give to someone you love but the simple fact is, you're already giving it. You are trying each day to be a better person for them, to be considerate, to be caring, to be there with and for them. Sometimes you fail at this, sometimes you are inconsiderate, uncaring and due to work can't be with them all the time but it doesn't mean that you have stopped loving them. No fancy gift can convey that, no money, no luxury holiday, no lingerie selected for you by a woman in a store that is roughly the same shape as your wife. Flowers though, flowers are different, especially those you've grown. I grow flowers not for me, but for Carol. I am slowly carving her our a cutting garden. So why are flowers so important to me, Carol and you?

Flowers have a whole subtext of their own, they have hidden meanings, roses alone can throw you into a minefield that runs from passion to being over zealous. Regardless of the hidden meanings of flowers, I picked this bunch for Carol yesterday (a subtext of shyness in the sweet peas, peaceful in the cosmos and delicacy and refinement in the cornflower).

I picked these flowers because I grew them for my wife, I put all the love I feel for her into growing them. When flowers fail or struggle as they have done this year, I am a little sad that I have nothing to bring into the house for her but I am thankful that when I open that back door that she is there in our house. I married my wife 6 years ago because I saw beyond her shyness that she was delicate, beautiful, refined and kind. All she wanted in life was a little peace (though I and Little D provide little of that). As Carol and I age, these things remain at the core of her. She is more beautiful to me today than she has ever been, and though I am sometimes inconsiderate, uncaring and a pain to live with she will always find me there, clutching a bunch of flowers that I grew for her. You can say it with flowers but for me to say it as loud and as passionately as I can, I have to grow them for her because nothing else comes close to capturing how I feel. I love my wife, I have loved her for 15 years and I have been proud to have been her husband for 6 of those. Flowers can say many things but growing flowers can say so much more.