The day Little D met Justin Fletcher

I thought it was about time for another post from me, Little D. I want to tell you about my really big day out down at Media City in Salford.

Some lovely ladies there invited me to meet my all time hero Justin Fletcher and his robot sidekick Robert who were launching their new series of my favorite CBeebie's programme Justin's House. Unfortunately the oldies wanted to come with me so I had to bring them along. On the bright side I got a lift in daddy's car, I think it might have been more than a thirty minutes walk, so it wasn't all bad.

When we got to the Piazza there were thousands of other mummies and daddies and children all waiting to see Justin's House too. I was really excited cos I knew it was going to be really good but I sat down on the floor and ate my raisins, I wanted to save my energy for all the dancing I was going to do later on.

There was a really big screen and all the mummies and daddies were cheering and clapping at some people jumping into some water. I was thinking if this is the new series it has really gone downhill, but mummy explained it was something called the LOL-Imp-ics I thought if those men are being naughty and jumping into the swimming pool then that's not really something to laugh about is it? I hope it's not the 'new Gigglebiz'...

Anyway after a lot of waiting and after I had drank my drink, eaten my raisins and played with my new Cbeebies bangles for more than five minutes (thank you Cbeebies), it all began. 

Justin and Robert appeared on the stage and then it was time to dance and laugh. I danced and danced until I fell over and then I laughed. Justin and Robert were on the big screen as well as the stage and Little Monster was there too, she is my favourite.

When Justin got his remote control to work we all watched a brand new Justin's House on the big TV. There's lots more music in the new series and loads of custard pies. It looks like it is going to be lots of fun. When it was over and we did more singing and dancing with Justin and Robert, I like the Okey Cokey best of all.

Now you are all going to be very jealous but...I HAD LUNCH WITH JUSTIN AND ROBERT AFTERWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I have the pictures to prove it!

Justin Fletcher

Bye bye for now

Little D

(Friend to The Stars)


PS The new series of Justin's House begins on 24 August on Cbeebies. Plus Justin's House will be having its own website which will be live from the 28/08/12 watch out for it at Justins House

We received tickets to this performance free of charge.