Lettuce Love with Optional Greens

Even in autumn, salads can still thrive in your garden. The Californian Mix is going from strength to strength, a mix of salad leaves and rocket that have fought against the weather and grown strongly by the Nepeta.

Californian Mix/Russian Kale

Even the oak leaf mix is getting away now and we should get a few cuttings before the first frosts hit them. Just shows that courgettes often put on par with lettuce for surviving cold snaps is wrong. The courgettes in our garden are turning up their toes, sometimes bang next door to a row of lettuce that seem to shrug off the wind, love the rain and grow.

Oak leave loose lettuce

In the glasshouse our kale seedlings have become kale plants, ready to go out in the garden in October. Not forgetting to net them against the local pigeon population of two. They may be a small flock but they are incredibly greedy.

Kale seedlings early last month

There should be enough with a further sowing of spring cabbage and spinach to get us through that hunger patch that is known as winter.