Review: Seeds Of Italy Annual Flowers

Back in June we sowed two mixes from Seeds of Italy, Fiori Bianchi and Fiori Blu (£1.95 each. Prices correct at time of publication). Here is how they went on in our soil from sowing to flowering.

Blue and white flower mix from Seeds of Italy

We decided that the mixes would be more dramatic sown together and though they were slow to germinate, this was more to do with the weather than the mixes, they have come into their own in the last few weeks. I pass them each day as I walk to the glasshouse and they have flowered and flowered and flowered. They have worked their socks off, the yellow flower, which I suspect is a self seeded marigold is the only invasion in the mix. However, even if they aren't part of the mix, they do bring something to it. The mix is robust enough to keep down the weeds and I have not had to get into the bed to weed by hand. There is simply not enough room for weeds to break through and this is a plus of the mix. Another plus is that some of the flowers succumbed to blackfly but a quick nip and these flowers bounced back sending up further flowers.

A sneaky marigold self seeded in the mix

This is a great mix for anyone who had a busy life, I treated them in this way, sowing them and walking away. I have not watered them, due to the high rainfall we've had but I would advise in a dry summer to water them, I have barely tended them and they have grown strong and provided some cuttings for vases in the house. As summer seems to be going out with a sunny streak, these flowers are showing that they truly come to life in a warm sun. Even in the gloom of summer they have been a colourful and warm punctuation in a vegetable plot that has largely failed. I was glad to grow them and I would grow them again. They are great for any new gardener, who wants to try their hand at annuals. 

Even a solitary weed is failing
The seeds reviewed here were supplied free of charge.