Tender and Crisp Chicken Legs with Sweet Tomatoes

In the kitchen at Pig Row we always like to try our hands at new recipes and in the past we have not gone wrong with Jamie Oliver's chicken dishes. This is his tender and crisp chicken legs with sweet tomatoes. What did we think of it?

The finished dish.

We served it with mini jacket potatoes. The overall effect of the dish is rustic but the flavours are big. A tasty dish that brought together our produce all on one plate. It was a great way to use our tomatoes and basil. The basil in the dish did melt into the meat and on reflection I would add fresh basil at the end for garnish and extra depth of colour. As many of you know, cooked basil can wilt and lose it colour but not its taste (unless burnt). This is a dish we will revisit as we have plans to maybe keep chickens for meat in future. Like all Jamie Oliver dishes there is a sense that he has gone to pains to pick simple products that anyone can grow or buy. It is also a dish that can easily be tinkered with and altered for tastes. For example, we didn't use chicken legs, we used half a chicken. You may think this may dry the breast meat out but this was far from the case. There was an option to add cannellini beans, but we skipped over this to try the dish in its 'naked' state (sorry Jamie, I know that is a tag that will always haunt you). A possible alternative to the cannellini beans that we considered were dried borlotti beans, also from our own garden. This is a great dish to add to with seasonal veg and could be served now with steamed chard and jacket potatoes. A good autumn warmer.

Carol and the Oliver dish.