Tomato and Basil Salad

Our harvest is coming in, a trickle has sped up to a babbling brook but the chances of a food flood in the kitchen anytime soon is rather slim. Yet, we can take time to share one of our favourite ways to eat tomatoes.

Step by step the recipe in photos.
This is one of the most easiest recipes you will ever tackle. So, don't be afraid all you will need is:

1 x bowl
1 x mortar and pestle
1 x fork

Tomatoes, the best way to do this is to mix large red/yellow tomatoes and cherry tomatoes of any colour. The idea is to get some colour in your dish.
A handful of basil.
1 x garlic clove.
A pinch of salt and pepper.
Olive oil.
There is no cooking involved. No need for a cooker. So, this is a good autumn dish, summer dish or even a winter dish to remind you of warmth.

A bowl full of tomatoes and salad.
1) Place your basil in the mortar and mush down with pestle. 
2) Add salt and pepper to help you break down the basil leaves.
3) The final consistency should be loose, with flecks of basil rather than full leaves but mix to your taste.

Bashing some basil.

4) Add a garlic clove and crush until a puree.

A garlic clove doomed to be mushed.

5) Add some olive oil and continue to mix.
6) Set aside.

Tomatoes waiting for the chop.

7) Wash your tomatoes, de-stalk them (remove the green foliage tops) and chop roughly.
8) Place all the tomatoes into a bowl.

Tomatoes and basil mixed together.

9) Add the basil and olive mix.
10) Mix with a fork and leave to stand for 10 minutes to allow the basil to infuse.

Basil and tomato salad.

11) Eat with crusty bread or with chicken, or with anything you wish or better still, eat it on its own.
12) This is a garlic dish, and by crushing it you will have pungent breath but it is worth it.