A Tale of Sowing: Photo Story

Sarah Raven seed packets.

The sweet pea seed for 2013 from Sarah Raven

Seed packets from Dobies of Devon

More sweet pea seed from Dobies of Devon

Pots in a tray

A full tray of pots.

Sweet pea seed

Sweet pea seed.

Sowing sweet peas two to a pot

Two to a pot.

A finger is a great tool to sow seed

Finger at the ready.

Seed pushing down

Push that seed down.

Sweet pea seed sown
Cover them now.


Label them.


Label them after each sowing.

Seed trays, labelled

Fill your trays.

Water them.

Keeping plants warm the cheap way

Cover over with newspaper.

Sweet pea seed sowing in autumn

Weigh it down, keep the mice out!

Sweet Pea Growing: Tales from Andrew in FebruaryWe are so happy that so many of you are emailing us your story of what you are sowing and your hopes for those seedlings. Please keep sending them in.

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We ask that if you wish to blog for us about seed sowing that you let our readers know where you bought them and what varieties they are, unless you have saved your seed and no longer have that information. Thanks.

Opinions expressed here are personal. The seed packets from Sarah Raven and Seeds of Italy were received for free to review. Seeds from Dobies were purchased in 2012.