Halloween and Time For All Things Pumpkin

It's all Hallow's Eve and the dead will walk the earth tonight. After discovering we have a hidden cellar at Pig Row, and the thought that we live rural, we felt it was best to bring in a pumpkin and get it carved to ward off evil spirits.VCYMAREDN5F8
Selecting a pumpkin for carving.

We spent a lovely afternoon, Carol, I and Little D carving out the pumpkin (Carol did it this year, we take turns. This year Carol does the pumpkin and I do Christmas dinner). I scooped out the seeds to make a wonderful and tasty roasted pumpkin seed mix. You can see the images below for all of this but we will spare you the ones of Little D who sat at the table all afternoon munching anything he could get his hands on. We never suspected he would like roasted pumpkin seeds but he does.

Scooping out a pumpkin.

Getting down and dirty with the scooping of flesh.

Scooping out a pumpkin for carving for Halloween.

A pumpkin lid that fits.

You don't need fancy carving tools to clean out and carve a pumpkin.

You don't need expensive pumpkin carving kits, just a sharp knife, a felt pen and a steady hand.

A carved pumpkin for Halloween.

There is nothing like a lit pumpkin on top of a washing machine to frighten away the dead. If that doesn't work I will turn it onto spin dry and watch those zombies shuffle away.

A lit pumpkin for Halloween. Scaring off those evil spirits.

That was Carol's work this afternoon, as she was doing this I was busy making the sweet, sticky and very tasty pumpkin seed mix.

Washed pumpkin seeds ready for the oven.

Washed seeds are a wonderful thing.

Cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice in a pan with butter and sugar for coating pumpkin seeds.

Even better when you add them to a pan of butter, sugar, cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg. The results speak for themselves and Little D had to be pulled bodily away from them.

 The final pumpkin seed mix cooked for 60 mins in a low oven, sweet, sticky and morish.

I bet you think that pumpkin carving is a waste of good vegetable. It is if you throw away the pulp, why throw away anything that can make a cake? Here's Carol's wonderful pumpkin cake prior to construction.

Not even the pulp should be wasted when carving a pumpkin, make some cakes. These are ready for the cream filling now.

And the finished article. All hail the cake!

Pumpkin cake finished.

The glories of a fresh and finished pumpkin cake at Halloween.