Kale and Cabbage Bed

Back in late August we sowed Cabbage Frostie F1 (from D.T. Brown), Kale Nero di Toscana (from Mr Fothergills) but a sowing isn't anything without a place to plant them. Earlier in the week, Jenny, our journey gardener, came and gave us a hand to clear a weed infested bed.

Adding a new compost heap to Pig Row

The weeds weren't wasted and a new compost heap has been started. We have filled all our dalek compost bins (7 of them) and now we are creating open heaps. At least these will rot down quickly and we will weed out any perennial weeds.

Weed free bed

A late afternoon's work has cleared the upper bed by the glasshouse and quick rake later and the soil is ready for the Kale and Cabbage we potted on in mid-September.

An afternoon's work brings a bed back to life

Now we have cleared the bed, we have marked out the new hedge which will be a mix of hornbeam and wild raspberry. We plan to use wild raspberry (rubus idaeus), sloe and dog rose in the hedge that borders the orchard but it seems a shame not to mix them in here over the autumn planting schedule. We also plan to move our cultivated raspberry bed lower down the hill to give them more cover. They have suffered by the glasshouse, we have lost all our Glen Lyon, most of our Octavia but the Glen Ample have romped away. This was a favourite at Drovers and has done well here but all the canes have suffered in this exposed site and more protection is needed for them. We hope the wild raspberries will add an additional harvest in the safety of the growing hedges.

Canes marked out a new hedge

We also plan to house the polytunnel by this hedge when we have raised funds for it. However in the meantime this bed will be used for some wonderful winter greens. Before winter is upon us, and as I write this we have the heating on, the solid fuel oven and fire burning away to keep us warm, we can still take pleasure in the final annuals of the year (these were from Seeds of Italy)

Final annuals of summer