How I Became A Green Bore: Lighting the Way

We have had a running battle with our heating system for twelve months. It has never been as efficient as Broseley said it should be and a few weeks ago we discovered the reason why.

The original installation had been done incorrectly. The pump that kicks in when the system reaches sixty degrees had been fitted upside down rather than sucking water through the system it was literally pumping it backwards through the entire system. Thankfully, unlike the previous four HETAs trained engineers, the fifth engineer diagnosed the problem quickly. We were appalled that such a simple thing had been overlooked for twelve months. So, now we can start to use the system correctly and did we notice any difference?

Yes, originally our Broseley Thermo Suprema took hours to get up to heat. The oven struggled to get beyond one-hundred and fifty degrees and as you can see from the photos after one hour the water was above seventy and the oven above two hundred. We can now actually cook in it, on the first day we had three meals on it and a warm house with heated rooms reaching a balmy twenty-four degrees when before they had barely reach eighteen.

Yet, it does not set aside the bad taste in our mouths from this whole debacle. We have never even received an apology from the original installers, Broseley didn't want to apologise either, rather than that they bemoaned that we had publicised it here and on social media. It seemed that their engineers on their website are not recommended and that by providing us with a list of one eighteen months ago they were not responsible for an incorrect installation. We accept that manufacturers are not responsible for how their systems are fitted, unless they fit them themselves, but it seemed odd, desultory, to have engineers on a manufacturers website that weren't recommended. This is a point we tried to get across in our blog posts and why in a total act of desperation driven by the cold, we started to blog about it. For the record, in the last fortnight we have been very happy with our now working system and are learning how to run it to maximum efficiency. It would just have been nice for someone to say sorry rather than trying to put the onus for failure back onto us. We are more than happy that Broseley took our problems seriously and have worked to rectify them and acknowledge that this is not standard practice.

A qualified engineer recommended by Broseley eventually identified problems with the pump and lack of sealant in the system. SCWS need water tight pipes unlike an unvented system. The system has run well since then.

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