Sweet Pea Weekend

Where we are, this is really the last weekend we can sow sweet peas. So, we got a head start back in September with a sowing of Seeds of Italy Sweet Peas Pisello Odoroso.

Autumn sowing of sweet peas before pinching back in October.

As you can see they have romped away in the root trainers and the later sowing in mid-October is starting to grow. The sweet peas HarlequinOpal,Venetian and Amethyst (all from Sarah Raven) have come up. Unfortunately, Miss Willmott (from Dobies of Devon) has not germinated yet and we have moved this to the middle of the bench in the hope that the additional warmth may trigger their growth but  Cupani (also from Dobies) is romping away. I must admit that I am a little sad there is no sign of life from Miss Willmott, as it is a sweet pea that I adore and has led me in so many horticultural directions. It is also a sweet pea that we first sowed at Pig Row but there is a silver lining to it all. Thanks to the fact that we are changing the way we sow sweet peas, we have another chance in February 2013 to sow some more. So, nothing has been lost, yet.

Sweet peas germinating in Autumn. Get ahead for next summer now.

A number of you have joined in with our sweet pea trial, we have #sweetpeabuddies (the hashtag for twitter) as far afield as the South of France and Canada all sowing now. You can still get involved by messaging us @lifeonpigrow or just by emailing us and we'll add your name to the growing list. 

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We ask that if you wish to blog for us about seed sowing that you let our readers know where you bought them and what varieties they are, unless you have saved your seed and no longer have that information. Thanks.

Opinions expressed here are personal. The seed packets from Sarah Raven and Seeds of Italy were received for free to review. Seeds from Dobies were purchased in 2012.