The Pulling of Carrots

Is a wonderful thing. Little D has been working in the garden for the first time, commanding me to dig up carrots and discarding the small ones in the compost heap.

Carrots as a bouquet of flowers.

He wasn't best impressed when we told him they would end up in that night's chicken stew, as you can see from the photo he wasn't very happy.

Toddlers growing vegetables.

It is important to get your kids in the garden when they show an interest and Little D genuinely enjoyed pulling these up, washing them off and getting to grips with the idea that we don't just eat the tomatoes from the glasshouse. Next year we will be giving him a half barrel for his own, giving him a choice of seeds and seeing how it goes on but I think carrots may be on his list but mainly for looking at. Whereas, we prefer our carrots in a stew and the next day it became a beautiful soup too but those recipes are to come.

Stretching meals, meat and veg into several meals, being frugal but tasty.