Christmas is Coming: Village Light Switch On

Yesterday, we were knee deep in shopping for Little D. He is beginning to understand that holidays are a coming. Though he still thinks a Christmas Carol is something to do with crisps and the place where we buy our fruit on a local market. When the Muppet Christmas Carol was on the other day he want into a frenzy of wanting crisps and a fruit platter. At the weekend we managed to take him to the local village Christmas light switch on. He went into utter bliss at the thought that Crisp-mas is coming.

Little D and the tail end of a bag of crisps at crisp-mas.

We took Little D to The White Lion pub to escape the late evening cold and the freezing paths and the fact that Little D indeed just wanted crisps. His reasoning, it Crisp-mas. Bless. The beer at The White Lion, Delph was a real life saver after braving the cold. The staff and owners made us feel truly welcome and it was a real community hub that evening with families and kids flocking through the doors, the parents drinking mulled wine and the wonderful real ale as the kids munched on great food and supped soft drinks. Little D saw Father Christmas, he watched some fireworks and hopped up and down when the Pipe band came round the corner. He loved every minute of it and though some of you were there and some of you weren't, below is a wonderful rendition of Amazing Grace. The sound quality may not be great, the film may be dark but it was dark, the stars were out and the whole thing was just magical. Little D loved his first true foray into Crisp-mas.